Elastic tabstops - a better way to indent and align code

Announcing the release of Always Aligned

It's been years since I originally invented elastic tabstops (please read this if you don't know what they are) and after a lot of work I'd like to announce the release of Always Aligned, an extension which implements elastic tabstops for Visual Studio. It's free for educational and hobbyist purposes and if you use it in a commercial setting you can use as much time as you need to evaulate it. I hope you like it.

Happy coding! :)

Posted on Thursday, 2014-11-06 at 19:00 UTC


Wednesday 2014-11-12 19:48 UTC
Do you have an eclipse plugin to do the same?

Thursday 2014-11-13 18:04 UTC
anonymous: Some years ago I tried to make an Eclipse plugin but ran into an Eclipse bug which stalled my progress. See https://nick-gravgaard.com/elastic-tabstops/#implementationsindevelopment

Monday 2014-11-17 05:44 UTC
Bryan Price <elastictabstops AT jbryanprice DOT com>
I just spent the better part of an hour trying to find your site again after having read your idea a few years ago (and having forgotten the term you gave the idea). And here you've released a Visual Studio plugin just 10 days ago - exactly what I wanted to try using! THANK YOU. If I can coerce my developer peers into its benefits, expect a few license sales ... if not, I may need to put an extra hour of overtime for my own copy.

Friday 2014-11-28 10:15 UTC
VEG <veg AT tut DOT by>
Thanks for your work. I like the idea.

Saturday 2015-01-31 04:10 UTC
I'm so glad you've made this into a real plugin! I've loved the Elastic Tabstop conceptually for years but getting to use it is better than pining for it! Any plans to make this Extension work in VS2015 CTP?

Thursday 2015-04-30 06:39 UTC
Justin <justin DOT c DOT grant0 AT gmail DOT com>
I remember stumbling upon this looooong ago, and here I find it again with a nifty VS extension! Very nice! The only complaint I have though is that there's no feature for saving out by converting to tabs instead of spaces. Is that feature just not possible for some reason? I can't use the extension because everything we use at work is saved using tabs to align things, not spaces. I really want to buy a license and use it, but without that functionality I can only see it getting in the way rather than helping.

Sunday 2016-01-31 20:09 UTC
Franklin <franklinyu AT hotmail DOT com>
This is great! I just have no idea why that Eclipse bug has not yet been solved. It's been years. I really want the plugin on Eclipse!

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